Good Price on Double Bass Set?



Sometimes I think the gene pool needs a little chlorine.

Then I'm reminded of Hitler.


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I feel sorry for this poor guy. He's been posting these drums for months trying to sell them.

Costome drum set...
$200 is actually a pretty good price for that set. I'd ask him to take $50 off the price just because those toms are so far apart and steep, it will take days to put them in normal order.

When he says these are custom, is he talking about the duct tape on the bass drum hole?


That "costome" set looks like it could be an old Tama Swingstar. Not sure though.


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Like, I don't even get it.

I don't know ANYTHING about guitars. Nothing. But if I was somehow forced to sell one on Craigslist, I would definitely make sure I spell the brand correctly. It blows my mind how totally mentally retarded some people can be.
Nice job with "RythmTech" though.

Sorry...that one was just too easy. Your point is valid, however. If you are trying to conduct business - any business - some effort on communicating effectively and accurately should be made a top priority.