Good posture

Rock Salad

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One of my favorite things to practice. I need to do it more methodical, like he said, and write out all the possibilities.


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Being able to work from home I went to a Doctors Stool for computer work. Its fabulous.

So far the only issue I have, is some times my tail gets sore. The nice thing is that they are so simple, and there are so many surfaces, you can adjust it throughout the day.

It took a good amount of diligence to get so that I can sit there for eight hours. Part of it is having bad posture for so long. Ultimately good posture is easy and relaxing to have, but difficult to achieve.

One thing I have found that has helped is running. I started running, about after my second six miler, my neck was super sore, not my legs. It seems that if you have forward neck then it cause a lot of tension when you run. So, you figure out pretty quickly how to run without tension in the back and neck.