Good Morning Campers

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On top of that we are way too cool.

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I'll take a Red Rose Tea to wake up, please.

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Definitely beats drinking tea out of a cowbell.


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That is cool- reminds me of my class ring. My Dad’s class ring from same school has ruby eyes. My eyes are blank LOL and face fading. Some people ask for if I’m in Skull and bones society and I say no I’m a pirate not a bonehead LOL


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That's really cool. Looks like the one he wears. Even in Pirates of the Caribbean he has one on like this.
It is like his. Courts & Hackett made his and were flooded with requests for one. Believe it or not they broke the mold from Keith's so made another. It's exactly the same as his with one difference so that Keith's would remain one of a kind. The difference is in the jawline. They added more silver to the area behind the teeth. I've attached photo of keith's and mine for comparison. It's also extremely heavy for a ring. 58 grams
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I must confess that I find this mug utterly badass. It's part medieval, part Iron Maiden, and part motorcycle gang. When the Apocalypse is underway, I hope to be sipping motor-oil-potent coffee from this formidable vessel. I intend to go out with a definitive edge.

Thanks! It is cool for sure. I don't use it much as I don't want anything to happen to it. Its ONLY had coffee in it, no soup, no tea, no nothing. Just coffee.

My daughter got it for me on a trip to the DC area. My parents live out there, and they took her to a theme restaurant called Medieval Times. The restaurant is an arena where knights fight and wenches (I'm not joking) serve your food. She bought it there.

If the Apocalypse does happen anytime soon (I'm thinking September), I'll drink sludge from this cup with pride as I sit in the trees at 3am overwatching my property.