Good exercise for odd-time / tuplets


Hey all,

For a long time I did the standard thing: set the metronome, and then play succeeding bars of 1/4s, 8ths, triplets, 16s, triplet 16s, and finish with 32s. Looks just like this (borrowed from "

Easy peasy.

But a while ago I thought "hey, why are fives and sevens left out?". Because adding them in can be a real challenge! So after you play the 16ths do the fives, then after the triplet 16s do the sevens. One smooth progression all the way up, and even better all the way back down. Going back and forth between fours and fives alone is a good workout for training your ears and muscles.

If you've never done this before it can be really hard, but you'll get it. And once you do you can show off to your other drumming / percussion friends and say "try that!". ;)

(Maybe I should do a video of myself playing this. Or maybe someone else can do one.)