Good DVDs for kids


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I tired doing a search, but vbulletin defaults to search terms must have 4 or more characters, and DVD is only 3.

My son is 6, and has been beating on drums since day one.

He gets a bit shy if I try to actually show him how to how to do anything proper. The whole "I don't want to mess up in front of dad" thing kicks in. He hates adult strangers, so simply getting a teacher that isn't dad won't work right now. He prefers to learn by observing until he gets it right in head.

So we think a good DVD would be good for them. I have numerous DVDs, but none are beginner level.

And I know from my days in retail, there are 100's of beginner DVDs out there, but many of them are really cheesy or poorly made.

Can anyone recommend a GOOD beginner DVDs for young kids?


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I have absolutely nothing to base this on, but I saw that Tommy Igoe has a DVD for absolute beginners ("Getting Started on Drums" or something like that). That's the one dude I'd really trust to pull off something like this (given GHFALT and Groove Essentials).


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Set up and play by Steve Fidyk is good. So is his Drum Method DVD

Set Up and Play

Drum Method DVD

For inspiration you really should get Blast. It is great for all ages.

Here is a link to a youtube sample and Amazon.




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So far I'm leaning toward the Carmine Appice Realistic Rock for Kids, simply because it's "taught" by a 12 year old (Carmine only makes cameo appearances) I think my kid would think another kid playing drums would be cool. In his world, strange adults are scary, slightly older boys are cool. And I dug that the sheet music of the basic beats appears at the bottom of the screen. And overall, it seems ubber simple, which is what I'm looking for.

The Igoe video looks cool, but might better when he's a bit older. From watching clips, Igoe spends a lot of time going over stick holding, strokes, with back stories and side notes. And while I agree it's important, I think my 6 year old would just say "he talks to much" and my 3 year old wouldn't be able to follow along.

I didn't see a trailer for the Fidyk DVD. I did see an excerpt online, which features an advanced brush solo. Way beyond beginner level.

But I'm still looking!