good drummer or not?


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Not to make this about me, but I played with a group of guys I met on Craigslist that were looking for a drummer for recording. I got a hold of the "leader", the guitarist who is the Alph-musician, he calls all the shots, we record at his house... Anyways, when i asked him for a few of the recordings, they are ALL originals, he said "no". He wanted me to put my stamp on them. My interpretation. DO YOU KNOW HOW SCARED I WAS SHOWING UP WITH THREE OTHER GUYS I DIDNT KNOW AND PLAYING SONGS THAT I HAD NO CLUE HOW THEY WENT?!!! That was nerve racking. But, it cam out great! I couldnt beleive how well the CD we cut came out. There were, of course, parts where I had no clue what was gonna happen next, but was able to get through. I forgot what my point was...oh yeah, this guys sucks! Seriously, though, he must've known he couldn't do it before the big day. What was his plan? He sounds like a fraud, and he HAD to know it was gonna blow up in his face. OR, as others had mentioned, something else must have happened. I mean, even the most beginnerest of beginners can play along to a drumless track, right? How bad was it? Was it simply tempo issues, or did he lack ability to find the beat?