Good Deal or not a Good Deal, that is the question!


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Good Deal or not a Good Deal, that is the question!-Now with photos!


I just wanted to share my latest find with you fine folks. I will reserve judgement on what I think and give you, the drum masses, your voice to speak.

Here's a recent purchase I made on ebay. Let me know if you think it was a good deal or not.

- Sonor Safari Kit in Black Galaxy Sparkle. It was used, but in mint condition, only two months old, and had less wear than a typical music store floor model.

- Hardware Included: A Sound Percussion medium weight throne, a 70's Slingerland Tempo King Hi Hat Stand, A Ludwig 400 Series Single Chain, Single Pedal, a Ludwig 60's Flat Base Snare Stand and 2 70's Ludwig Atlas Cymbal Stands (1 straight, 1 boom).

-Cymbals Included: 17" Stagg Dual Hammered Crash, an 18" A. Zildjian Crash/Ride from the 60's, and 15" A. Zildjian Hats from the 60's.

My total cost including shipping was $499. They "Buy It Now" on ebay was $400, and it cost $99 to ship the three boxes to me (using my Fedex Ground account for an 8% discount).

What say you folks? Good deal, Bad Deal, or Mediocre Deal?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments.
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Sounds pretty good to me. I paid $275.. for my Safari kit, those vintage Zildjian hats and crash ride would probably cost another $275. or more on Ebay. Throw in the hardware and the Stagg and I think you got a pretty darn good deal. I love the Safaris hope you do too. Congrats on the new kit. Post a pic if you get a chance. David


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Definitely a good deal. Not a DW Deal of the Year candidate, but very good. Yeah those vintage Zildjians are nice. Probably $200 right there for those two. I never see Safaris used on ebay. Photos please. Good work :)


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Thanks everyone! I think I got an awesome deal! I got the kit delivered to me on Thursday April 05. I've been cleaning up the stands etc. I'll post some pictures in the next day or so.


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Re: Good Deal or not a Good Deal, that is the question!-Now with photos!

Here are a few photos:

1. Everything with th kit was included, except the Gibraltar pedal. It did come with a Ludwig Single Chain drive instead (I just like my strappy-drive!).

2. The included stands were dirty, but they cleaned up pretty well. For the Ludwig Atlas cymbal stands, I added the white cymbal sleeves and the Camber T-Tops (as opposed to wing nuts) for the full on "Buddy Rich Look"!

3. It also came with a Slingerland "Dynamo" hi-hat stand and two 15" hi-hat cymbals that were once larger but cut down to 15". One was a UFIP, the other an A. Zildjian, both 60's era. The hi-hat stand needs more work, so it's not up and running just yet.

This is a total blast to play. What fun! Let me know what you think!





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I would take that deal, the kit will sound really cool. I wouldn't use that as a main kit though