Good, cheap, drum mics


I had the CAD 7 piece just like the above... the band ended up using them on the amps since I got an SM57 & an Audix D6. The D6 is just wonderful on rock applications... little to no EQing. The CAD kick mic needed alot of work in Cubase so we ended up using it on the bass amp. Im still using the mini pencils that came with the 7 piece as my overheads but Im already set on either an Oktava or MXL 603. The MXL is really attractive with the oktavamod modification... the sound files in the oktavamod website sounded really nice but oktava's tried & tested... at least by other professionals. lol. Btw, look into the TASCAM 1641.. it's what Im using & works with no noticeable latency on my 6 year old laptop.


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Curious. I was using the KM 212s and TM 211s for playing live and never really had any issues. It makes me think, however, that investing in some D112s might not be such a bad idea before I record my solo drum stuff. I have yet to record with the CAD mics, but I would imagine that such an "under the microscope" setting demands higher grade stuff all around.


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could you not just run two overheads on your kit, i saw a video of Tool's drummer and the set he was using only had OH and he was talking about how he likes it so much better than haveing each drum miked, because he has "Breathing Room"


It does depend on what you're recording, but I find great success when recording with just a pair of overheads. This isn't specific to just drums either, I've recorded an Orchestra with just a pair of condensers and it comes out very well if you know what you're doing. Live, I would say the kick and snare do need to be amplified in larger venues, along with an overhead or two - but for recording, there is an obsession with over-complication that proves detrimental to the process and occasionally, result.


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I've seen some good reviews on the pyle pro sm57 copy, it only cost £10/$17 on amazon (in uk anyway) I'm going to order one soon as I'm using the mic that comes with the pdkm7 set which isn't the best so i will probably upgrade very soon


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EV PL35's are really great live tom mic's. Use them regularly. Transparent & bombproof.