Goo inside the throw off


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I had unscrewed my strainer to tighten the bearing that locks the throw off to the strainer and I notice this yellowish goo inside the throw off and I wiped it away clean and reattached, not thinking that it may have severed a purpose.
I then got a different snare and took off it's strainer and realized it to had the same substance type goo inside it's throw off too.

I thought it was old built up gunk from years of being around. I decided to clean this one to, but know I think it served a purpose, mainly to keep metal to metal grinding on the throw off. I sprayed it with white grease and reattached.

Has anybody else notice this "goo" in their strainers? It looks like that sticky stuff you find in trees... Where can find a similar lube/goo like this to replace for my throw off/strainer?
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That schmoo is just petroleum grease. It's there to lubricate the threads/joints and protect from corrosion.

The downsides of grease is that it collects dust and tends to bunch up in areas where it it is ineffective. Otherwise it works quite well, is inexpensive, and has decent longevity.

If you're looking for something less messy, consider a dry lubricant. MolyD, graphite, or kevlar. Just understand that it requires you reapply it more frequently than grease.

Hinge oil (or 3in1) might be the most academically appropriate classic lubricant for a throw, but the mess and maintenance frequency isn't worth it unless you have a P85 (or P85 clone), where a drop of 3in1 can be the deciding factor between whether your throw works or not.