Going to New York in May - Who to study with?


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I'm going for a short trip to New York in May before heading over to the New Orleans jazz festival. I was hoping to take the opportunity to get some lessons in with some big guns, but I don't really know who is where. It seems a lot of the names that initially sprung to mind are in far away LA.

I know that Kim Plainfield is in NY - that would be incredible, his Advanced Concepts book was game changing for me.

Is there anyone else you could suggest? Where is Gary Chaffee based?


P.S. for what it's worth, I'm probably most interested in solo concepts and phrasing, it I needed to be specific.


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Gary is retired for many years now, so I've heard/read. I had a private lesson with Jonathan Mover (who was a prize pupil of Gary's) and we discussed Chaffee materials for an hour one fine day a few years back. He's a great guy! Not sure if he's still living in NYC; he was going out on the road and was debating a move to LA when we met.

Timing is everything. From December to February, there's lots of players who are at home in NYC. But come early spring everyone starts touring and gigging heavily, and don't have as much time to teach.


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Kenny Washington is based out of NY. John Riley too, I believe.

I guess it depends on what style you are looking into. Shawn Pelton or Steve Jordan might be options as well.