Going to music school for percussion performance vs strictly drum set performance


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I'm pretty old school "liberal arts" education so it isn't so much about the degree as exposure for a varied education. Most people say an art, music, philosophy (and psychology since so many opt for that major) degree is a waste of time. If you stop there it could be a waste of time but most often people use that degree as a jump start for another career. In fact many go on to medical schools since schools look for more diversity now (you have to take the science courses-my wife was an education major for example yet number on in her med class) , education, business, etc. I always encourage people to follow their passion-you'll either succeed or modify your passions. I'd give it a go.


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I can't recommend college, I almost wish it weren't free for me so I would have figured out something else to do. However, a degree in music would have to be more fun than my tech degree, which I feel has very little value. Consider this. It took me nine years and two stints in graduate school *after* I received my bachelors to find a job in my field. Any skills that I learned that got me a job, I taught myself, and I am having to reinvent myself again, and again … still reinventing myself.

That being said its taken me a while to realize that all of those high paying tech jobs out in California, that I was so envious of, were actually paying less than what I was making elsewhere after you take into account cost of living, you can work 60hrs/week and make $150K/year out there and still not afford a house. When you step back and say hey, but what if I don't need all of that specialized training to get a decent job somewhere in the mid west. There are plenty of places with low traffic decent farmers markets etc.

I guess that is part of the point here, that Berklee school of music degree is mostly going towards the price of houses in the Bay Area. Its hard to wrap your head around, bigger dollar number, but actually poorer. Like multimillion dollar house that is 1200 sq. ft., you really have to like the weather.

I would look at travel, cruise ship drumming, etc. Maybe a trade school of some sort.

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I would not ONLY major in music. At least get a music ed degree with it, or a double major in computer science, and/or some other practical field. I majored in music performance, and still regret not getting a double major in that plus computer science. I like what I do most days (I’m a telephone/internet lineman in a rural area), but there were a loooot of wasted years where the only jobs I could get with a music degree were entry-level crap.


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Everything you learn is applicable. I play my drums to a wide variety of music in my studio. Even classical and opera. Gives me the opportunity to approach different forms of music with new ideas.