Going to learn a new song (to me at least) Fool in the Rain


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I'll admit I've never been a real big Zeppelin fan. I know, I know that's a huge sacrilege to most but I've just never been real big on most of their music, I like stuff Bonham does just not much of the music.

Fool in the Rain came on the other day while I was driving into work and that shuffle had me hooked, then add that quarter note triplet he puts on the ride in there a couple of times over the same bass rhythm and that adds a cool element to it.

Came home that day, downloaded it on Itunes, hopefully get a chance to start working on it this weekend.

This shuffle is a new one for me, so should be fun and challenging trying to get that groove feel Bonham has. I know I'll never sound like him, not trying to, would just like to get a bit of that feel.

Oh and the sound of the snare in this song is sick!

I'm thinking to pick up the feel on this one to start first getting the hi hat and bass comfortable and locked in together to get the shuffle solid. Once that's tight add the back beat on the snare then after that's comfortable figure out where the ghost notes are. Just gradually building it.

Excited to start working on this.