Going from direct drive to chain pedal.


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Hoping for some advice from you good people.

I learned to drum with a direct drive pedal- I've had a Pearl Demon Drive since I started drumming a few years ago.
I've never used a chain drive pedal.

I wanted to add a slave pedal to it to give me double bass functionality but it seems that I am not able to buy the slave pedal separately in the UK as they are no longer brought in by the distributors.

So, I either have to buy a Demon Drive double bass set up (at £500) or I was thinking I could go for a DW 5000 double pedal for a lot less (about £350, the same price as the Demon Drive slave pedal).

My question is- how difficult is it to go from a direct drive pedal to a chain pedal if you've never used a chain pedal before?


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I use single DD pedals on my acoustic sets, and I have a double chain drive pedal set up with an e-kit kick pad for practice.

I switch back and forth between them without any real problems.
They do feel and react a bit different though.

Matt Bo Eder

People will say there's a big difference in feel, but I think, for me, the difference was negligible. It wasn't so huge a difference where I noticed and had to stop everything so I could readjust.

I owned the Pearl Demon Drive pedal and was able to make it feel exactly like my DW5000 accelerator. In fact, I think the only criteria you would want to be aware of is to make the pedal like your old one - and in the differences here I think the only big one is that one a chain drive (or a strap drive), the beater tends to feel heavy and you can really feel it throw itself into the head. On the direct drive pedal, you can adjust the pedal to where the beater doesn't feel heavy at all (which was weird). So if you're in that camp, where you don't like feeling the weight of the beater throwing itself forward, then you're probably outta luck with getting the new chain drive to feel like that, because it won't.

I say, go get the chain drive and have at it. I'm confident you won't notice a HUGE difference.


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Hmmm.. I tried a couple of pedals in the music shop.
I liked the feel of the DW9000 the most, so that is what I bought.

So far it is a very alien world- the feel is very different, heavier than the direct drive pedal and I seem to be getting a lot of unwanted double strokes as the rebound is more than the single Pearl pedal.

I am sure there is some adjustment and I should get used to it eventually but I am struggling right now.


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I did the opposite- chain to direct. It took a lot getting used to, but now I'm pretty fluent on both (my old pedals are on my e-kit). Just work with the adjustments and practicing with them, you'll get used to it soon.


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I kinda knew what I was getting into.
I thought about it overnight and it makes sense to be able to use both and switch back and forth.

First time doing double bass exercises- my legs are screaming at me.
Need to remember not to slouch and sit up properly.