Going from chain to direct drive


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A better way to think about is:

10,000 hours =
5 years x 2,000 hours per year.

2,000 hours per year =
8 hours per day x 5 days per week x 50 weeks per year (1 year minus a 2-week vacation)

2 solid hours practicing every day without fail, for 7 days a week for 13.6986301369863 years = 10,000 hours.

Bo Eder

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So did you guys just come to a consensus that you can’t or won’t put in the work? Or is the end goal not worth the time and effort?


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I wish that
(1) I had that much time, 8 hours in a day, wow(!)... (but... you know, work etc.) and
(2) I was able to practice that long (but... you know, olde + beginner = build up sensibly as I already get carried away and poor beginner technique has made me take a few breaks already but that is also part of the learning... finding out what went wrong and learning from it).

If I'm lucky I can get an hour in before work (and I get up earlier to do that) and most days I can manage an hour after work.

But I do hear that in probably every single skill out there, circa 10,000 hours is the magic number. Although being old(ish) and starting while old I suspect there's a magic multiplier in front of that number too.

And then back to the chain vs direct drive; I'm fascinated to hear about yet another aspect of drumming that's new to me. In order to spread the work load on my injured feet I plan to get a double pedal in the coming months. Now it sounds like the margins you gain with more tech' and more money are, in reality, tiny (but significant at a higher skill level). For those in early days I wonder if it's worth getting one of those less than £30 (new!) double pedals off eBay that are probably a Chinese rip off. I mean, in an ideal world I just go get the best there is but taking my rose tinted spectacles off... £30 vs £1000? On the one hand, when I 1st decided to get a bargain electronic kit, it soon turned out to be a folly as things came unplugged, it triggered the wrong sounds etc., I ended up getting rid of it and going mid-range which I do not regret (except that now I feel the lure of even nicer stuff). I've slowly changed a few bits with better items. Each item I change has been researched and, so far, I've been largely happy with the money spent. But those top of the range double pedals at 30x the cost of the absolute bottom range. I wonder where the sweet spot is?