gogo penguin style


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Hi all, I'm gonna audition with a band who turns classic piano and anime into jazz, a bit like go go penguin for example. But to be honest it's not easy at all and I can't play like Rob Turner, or write what he does. Could anyone share scores of a groove or two in that style which I could learn please? Thanks. P


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I mean, controversially, why are you auditioning for a gig when you can't already play the style they're after?


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What I meant was that I needed to do more work toward that goal, and any help would have been welcome. Then maybe you're right, we shouldn't try getting out of our comfort zone. (I've got the gig though)


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Kind of an ultra specific request. We have no idea what this band's music will sound like from that description. Is the jazz style hard bop jazz, smooth jazz? What's the instrumentation? All the different assorted flavors of jazz would affect any answers you seek. In a case like this, you may have to invent your own parts. You don't want Go Go Penguins, you want that style. Which isn't something I could just look up, it's too abstract. This sounds like a thing where you may have to figure it out yourself. You are the person whose job it is to flesh out the drum part. We don't have the luxury of hearing the band, so this could be mostly on you to figure out your own parts. Any grooves you may pick up here...if we can't hear the music you are trying to bring to life, they may not work at all.

I am trying to help, it's just that I can't provide what you are asking for. Hopefully someone else can. If you could provide some sound clips, that would help.
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