Hey folks... Longtime lurker of the threads, finally deciding to chip in a little more. I have a YouTube channel called "GoAndPractice" dedicated to short rudiment-based drum licks and fills like this one. Please check out any of the techniques if you have chance.

Any questions fire away! I'll post in here when I make new uploads too...
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Glad to have you posting Alec! I was actually hipped to your videos via Brian Blade (saw him with John Patitucci a few months ago). I like how you mostly just play the pattern you're demonstrating at various speeds and then you're out. Clear and to the point. I've also checked out the 3rd book in your series...lots of fun stuff in there.



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I love your channel. Been subscribed a good while now.

Very effective teaching method and your taste in drummers/grooves and fills is excellent. I would recommend to everyone here.
Hey folks thanks for the good feedback. Always cool meeting other drummers online... It's way more "human" unlike many other interactions on the internet.
Zombie YouTube channel... I'm back! With all this quarantine free time, I can finally get back to making more videos. Any old GoAndPractice viewers out there say hi!


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Nice stuff - I have Alec's book 3 and enjoy working the material - very cool, and musically useful ideas - not a bunch of hyper-contrived technical exercises.