Glyn Johns technique sample and pict


Here's a sample of recording with the Glyn Johns mic technique. Its a great way to create a wide stereo image AND pick up the toms with two mics. While the toms are shown mic'd in the photo, I did not include them in the mix.

The mix has:

1) Rode NT2000 directly over the snare
2) Rode NT2000 to the drummer's right just to the right of the floor tom.
3) D112 inside kick
4) SM57 snare

There's just a bit of eq and compression on the kick and snare and I raised the high frequencies a bit on the Glyn Johns mics.

It's important to have the two Glyn Johns mics at the same distance from the center of the snare. The suggested distance is 40". When mixing, pan the overhead snare mic slightly to the right and pan the far tom mic all the way to the left.