gloves and preference


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I play hard rock and have taped the back half of my stick with marching tape for a long time. I looking to give gloves a try in lieu of the tape. I used to use gloves a long time ago. But of those that use gloves, what brand do you like and why? Also, what brands do you find you don't like and why?

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I used gloves for a long time, especially with harder hitting gigs.
My preference as been the Ahead gloves. They have attached wristbands, and I like that support. I don't use them anymore, unless I'm giging with Street Drum Corps. On those gigs I always use them, as playing on Barrels, Oil Drums, and Kegs tends to have a lot more shock than a drum, and the gloves, combine with grip tape on the sticks really helps eliminate any kind of fatigue.


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If I were going to wear gloves I would use golf gloves. They are thin yet strong. Still leaving some feel.