Gloryhammer signs to Napalm Records


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So you got a deal Ben?

Absolutely love the photo's. They fit the fantasy element of your genre mantra perfectly. I really like the whole package, & I'm not even a tiny bit metal friendly ;)

Good luck with the project = exciting stuff!!!!


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Ha, excellent!

Yes Andy, this has actually been in the works for ages but we've only just had all the press materials ready. Album will be recorded over the summer, if all goes to plan.


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Those photos ... you crack me up. Face half sheathed in your cloak LOL

Congrats Ben. It'll be great to record your songs in a high qual studio and to get it all mastered. Given your experience with engineering you'll be like a pig in mud. Enjoy!


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Thanks guys. It's going to be interested to see the process of making a modern metal album with all the associated programming and sample replacement, that's not something I've done myself. I'm hopeful the album will sound pretty impressive, we're recording it at LSD studios in Germany where Alestorm have recorded their three albums to date, and I thought their last album in particular sounded extremely good. Watch this space!