Gloryhammer at Graspop - totally insane


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Difficult to say with any real certainty, but I think they were enjoying themselves.

Fab-u-LOUS, dahling!


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Which venue was the Oz video from? (Beautifully shot BTW)
If it was the Surfer's Beergarden gig looks like I missed out on a great night : (

Red Menace

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I suspect this might be getting old but I'm going to keep pestering you until you come Stateside and pass through Arizona. My wife and I will be there front and center. Then we'll take you out for tacos, Chris can come if he behaves.

Looking at the official video I see the usual annoying comments but one caught my eye with the snappy retort:


Seriously though, that guy can SING. Sometimes when my wife and I are feeling silly we sing "weee and pooo" across the room to each other.


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Hah! We would love to have tacos with you, Chris would be delighted to come I'm sure although I can't promise any of us will behave ourselves. I sincerely hope we make it over there before too long.

Todd, it was shot over the course of the whole tour, it looks like there's shots from every show in there. But you did miss a good night!

I just found another video: Quest for the Hammer of Glory