Glen Sobel

Here's a guy I just found on you tube. He's absolutely amazing. I had a CD Glen Sobel played on by guitarist Jennifer Batten. A killer record with some awe inspiring drum parts but I hadn't heard much else that Glen had played on. I typed his name into you tube and found this:

This solo seems to have it all. Amazing chops and parts, masterful double bass ideas, great hand technique, musical, bad ass linear grooves towards the end, and he does this trippy cymbal choke sort of lick.

But what interested me most was that I followed the link to his myspace page and found out he's been touring with Elliott Yamin from American Idol. It's like a pop/R&B gig. Also he's played in Sixx AM with Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, a full on hard rock gig. I saw different genres he's played in and I wonder why I haven't heard more about this guy. And furthermore, why doesn't he have a page at Drummerworld? He should!


Yea, Glen teaches at MI and I get to listen to him play a lot during the day, in different "venues". Clean, precise and full of energy and ideas. And...well, Glen was my student "back in the day". Damn, I've been saying that about a lot of drummers lately. Anyway, it's great to hear Glen playing out more and touring. I'm happy to see him mentioned here. And yes...Glen needs a DrummerWorld page!!



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Glen's a friend and a great guy, and of course a great player. He also recorded and toured with Beautiful Creatures a few years back. I saw him do a clinic many years ago and he was the first drummer I saw who had such great finger technique, he could play 16ths - fast and hard - on his ride. He's also done quite well at the WFD events.

I also think Glen deserves a page here. (I know... there's a place to submit his name, I forget where.)



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Glen is a great drummer and a great guy.

He's one of those guys who I wonder why the drumming world hasn't taken more notice of.
I was in LA and went to the Baked Potato to see the band Volto. Turns out their drummer Danny Carey was sick that day so filling in for him last minute was Glen. He killed it! Amazing! Grooved and soled his ass off and learned their original stuff the day before I guess. I still wonder why I haven't seen more of him.
Volto is a group that usually has Danny Carey and Kirk Covington. Kirk plays keys and sings lead but as a lot of people here know, he's a sick, bad ass drummer so there's a lot of double drumming on this gig.

I found a few more clips of Glen on youtube. Such diversity in the gigs he's done and it's always impressive.
At the Baked Potato with Jeff Kollman:

At Sweden Rock Festival with Impellitteri:

With Elliott Yamin (American Idol) in Tokyo:

A clinic at Guitar Center: