Giveaway: PureSound Twisted Snare Wires


"Uncle Larry"
About 2 years ago, as an experiment, I purchased 2 sets of PureSound Twisted Snare Wires, for a 14" drum. Each snare wire has a companion wire intertwined with it. So even though it's the width of a 20 strand, there's 40 strands. They make your snare sound dryer and darker. The tone is not for me. I used one set for maybe 5 minutes. I was organizing my studio yesterday and came across them. I decided to give them away. Whoever gets them will have to send me a SASE big enough to mail them and enough postage to get them to you. The total weight just of the wires and their factory packaging is 180 grams. (a 1/2 lb is app. 227 grams for reference). Considering the weight of the envelope you provide, enough postage for 1/2 lb would be plenty.

These wires are basically brand new, I think I paid like 80.00 for them.

Anyone want em?


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I'd take 'em, but am in the UK so wouldn't be able to provide you with US postage, unless I paypal you postage and money for a jiffy bag?


I'll take them. I'm actually needing a new set of snares.

EDIT: Looks like I'm a bout a second too late, lol. Congratulations on your quick posting abilities DFL, I have much to learn. :)
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"Uncle Larry"
The first envelope I get.... gets them. In the case of a tie, I don't know, whichever I get the better feeling from. Or perhaps I will send one set each for a 2 way tie. That's the fair thing to do. They are very much up for grabs. I gave my address out in a PM to only one person. If that person hesitates, there's your chance. This is completely legit, I want to give them to someone who likes the "twisted" wires. They aren't everyone's cup of tea, hence the giveaway.

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You need to send me a SASE that measures like 18" long (so the wires fit without bending) and enough postage for 1/2 lb. (227 grams). 2 Sets of 14" Puresound "Twisted" snare wires. Sorry, the snare strings are long gone, but the wires are brand new.



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So if this goes well, you could end up with 20 or so postage paid envelopes, good deal, are you an ebay store?