Give us a minute of your time - Help us get a chance to open for METALLICA!


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Hey y'all, I'm in a band called Diablo Strange and we need your help. There's a battle of the bands that my band is trying to get into and we're trying to get as many votes as possible! We lost by a hair in the first round to the hometown favorite but we have a second chance to make it in the finals! That said, the winner of the battle of the bands gets to open for METALLICA and it would mean A LOT if some of you guys could help us out!

All of you have to do is go to the link below and type WILD: DIABLO STRANGE.

We have a couple of demos on our that were recorded with a drum machine and you check out our first show in it's entirety on Youtube as well. Here's the last song we played, you can check out more of them by clicking the related videos.

Also, if you like our stuff, please 'Like' our Facebook page at

Thank you for your time and a big THANK YOU to the ones who vote for us!

Cheers guys,

PS. You can vote once a day until 11:59pm on July 5th ;)

PPS. I know I've posted this in the 'Your Playing' forum already but we reeeeally want to win this so I'm giving it as much exposure as possible.
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We're in the lead now and need more votes to stay there! Please take a minute of your time and vote for us! Thank you!