Ginger Baker

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-a-Ginger Baker.,dr,, ^ At His Best ^ Double 2,L.p.,white by Polydor..
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-b-Ginger Baker.,dr,, ''Baker and Band'' Trio ,^,From Humble
Orange,^,.CDG-Italy ,INT ., 20303,,-x-
-c-Ginger Baker.,dr, ,^,Stratavarious,^, by Polygram,.RSO,2479..-x-
-d-Ginger Baker.,dr,,'' African Force ,^,Palanquin 's Pole,^, by.,ITM,0033..-x-
-e-Ginger Baker.,dr,,'' African Force '' by ITM ,0017..-
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I was a decent drummer. However, he was a terrible person and a horrid father. (watch "Beware of Mr. Baker)
He's gone and I don't miss him.
I got Cream Disraeli Gears, and The Doors, Strange Days on my 10th Birthday, 1968, from my older, HS sister.

I only had a handful of records then, and a Sears 'suitcase' phonograph, on the floor at the foot of my bed.

I would lay on my stomach on my bed, head over the end of my bed, and read comic books, Boys Life, or Mad Magazine, while playing my 8-9 records, endlessly.

Ginger Baker was one of only 3 drummers I knew by name then; Ringo and Mickey Dolenz ( Monkees) being the other two- but I loved them!

Here is Ginger singing,