Ginger Baker


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Did he (Baker) use 14 15 or even 16" Zildjian hats?.
Baker used 15" hats. In fact, he still uses the pair he played in the 60's.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to play on a set of 15" Zildjian hi-hats from the 60's (not Ginger's). Absolutely loved the sound.
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I saw Ginger live a year ago on his Why? tour. He's still playing really great, interesting stuff. I'd say he's somewhat of a scholar on the instrument. Very deep African rhythms permeate his playing. I'd recommend taking the chance to see him if you get one. You won't have the opportunity ever again pretty soon.

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never seen him live but after listening to his solo with blind faith i believe he was at the height of greatness as a drummer .. beyond what the others could even imagine doing with a set of drums. him and mitch mitchell had a huge influence on my style and i still listen to their recordings. i think he has now stopped touring with heart problems. play on mr. ginger baker.


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Saw him live with Cream and Blind Faith-amazing solos. You knew you were in for a real treat when his tom patterns began to blend with his kicks! THunderous! He and Mitch Mitchell were my inspirations even tho they had very different styles.

I was set to see Baker again in Annapolis this May but concerns cancelled the tour.


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I finally had the chance to see Beware Mr. Baker, which to me, I thought was one of the greatest documentaries I saw. I was quite surprised that he spent some of his time down in Africa and played with some African guys as well. It made me realize how much Ginger has been somewhat of an inspiration on me as a drummer.
Does anyone know of any recordings of Ginger playing in unusual time signatures? I know about the 5/4 sections of "White Room," of course, and "Deserted Cities of the Heart" has the occasional bar of 3/4 tossed in there. Are there any examples of him playing 7/8 or 9/8 or anything like that?
Yeah, I was listening to that the other day. (A different recording of it, though—I think I like the one you posted better.) It's a really cool tune. One review said it was in 9/8, while a review on Amazon said it was in "17/8, 4/4, 3/4, 11/4 & 5/4 time signatures all mixed together." But listening to it, it sounds to me like it's a much more common time signature (which is not to say Common Time)—12/8, I'd say, although the other version feels like it could even be in 6/4, if the hi-hat is delineating the quarter note:

But this also seems to me like a case of it could be argued that it's 4/4 with a triplet feel or 6/8 depending upon the tempo marking or even 3/4. (I enjoy reading those debates but am far from enough of a theorist to be able to participate knowledgeably.) But whatever it is, I'm not hearing how it could possibly be 9/8. Obviously, I could be wrong, and if so, I'd love to know what I'm missing.


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I like watching this live version-lot going on for sure. Definitely different versions. He and the percussionist are getting down the whole song but near end it's sick.
The video says "Ginger Spice," but the first tune is Wayne Shorter's "Footprints," and hearing the one when I was expecting the other was oddly disorienting.


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I thought it was a different version-LOL that's hilarious. I am officially an idiot. It's like the thread with opposite credits for a song at same site. What about the next song what the heck was that? Well you're absolutely correct but since I'm being contrary and picking fights in my quarantine boredom-"You don't know what you're talking about! "Now the part where you call me an idiot. Then I retort "Wayne isn't short! So I'm right." Now the part you call me idiot again, We go round and round-all the while you're making points and I'm an idiot. Then I finally say-"Well you're arguing with me-what does that make you?" Then you smack me upside the head and I fall down with a concussion, and forget all about coronavirus. Thanks Gretsch man I feel better already. Actually I wouldn't have made that error if not you had not smacked me in the head and gave me a concussion. LOL.
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