Gigging drummers, which songs consistently kill?


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In addition to some of the classics already mentioned:

Hard to Handle (Crows version)
Magic Carpet Ride (usually we used that to transition into another tune)
Midnight Train to Georgia
Walk This Way
Back in the USSR

A few off the top of my head.....


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Weezer is popular out here in Cali. lots of cheers when we start the big songs like "sweater song" or "say it ain't so".

Lots of older Greenday songs get good reactions.

Nirvana is universal pretty much.
Or you can cheat and go for the slow songs... then quick segue to another dance song afterward to keep them on the floor for a bit

Anon La Ply

8Mile said:
We've been playing J Geils, Whammer Jammer and Hard Driving Man, back-to-back, just like on the live album. We bring up a harp player who plays the solos pretty much note-for-note.
That's a bit mind blowing, Larry. Unbelievable harp solo! Must be much fun to play with.

From memory (such as it is)...

Sunshine of Your Love
I Put a Spell on You
Little Wing
It's a Man's Man's World
Love Me Two Times
I'm Bored

If I was of another generation (ie. after T-Rex) then I can imagine audiences going nuts over Muse's Uprising.


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When we got my current band together about 3 years ago, I knew that I wanted our song list to focus towards playing alternative rock from 90's to present day. There are SO many classic rock bands in my area, that I wanted to do something different. We only aimed to play 2 shows a month max, but it was a gamble trying to get a band booked with our non-traditional song list (that does not include the Mustang Sallys, Summer of 69's, Brown Eyed Girls, etc....) Although we throw in a few classic rock tunes.

While we may not get people on the dance floor at the dive bars that we perform, we get a HUGE response to our music and many positive comments at every show. They are always, "We are so happy that you don't play the same tired classic stuff that the other bands play." Almost always, the crowd stays the entire night to see what we'll play next.

Several of the top songs are probably no surprise:

My Own Worst Enemy
The Middle
All The Small Things
Hey Ya (a rock version)
Bad Touch (a rock version)


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Cumbersome is a fun song to play. The new band I joined this year plays it. Along with a few other alternative songs. I left my old band because they strictly wanted to play classic rock. Which is fine for our friends but they all go home at 10:30!