Gig Set Up - Video Footage


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Thanks Andy.

The mic on the BD does indeed go through the Peavey tops; no sub. It's just to give the kick some extra presence.

We mic the guitar amps more for foldback than anything else (as we play pubs and similar), and it means that the FOH guy can tweak the mix if he needs to.

At some stage we'll need to add lighting, but even with a simple setup, I've reached the point where I've stopped hoping to have groupies...I now dream of roadies. (But in a different way.)


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someone got their required number of steps in on that day. Yikes! I didn't realize just how much back and forth there was during setup! Cool video.


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Very cool video. No slackers standing around in your tribe.
I always try to convince my band to dial down the lighting stuff, its such an extra hassle to lug and setup. I like just simple lighting, maybe 2 or 3 lights or even just standing lamps for an artsy flair.