Gig(gle) Report - Friday, Feb 22


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On Friday my band played a gig at Kellys, a pub in Newtown, Sydney. We were the second of 2 bands playing that evening. The first band were loud. No, make that LOUD. In the next room of the pub, we could hear the guitarists's amp buzzing between songs. I'd asked the first band if I'd be able to use their kit, but my request was turned down as it was a borrowed kit. Fair enough. I'd been planning to take my own snare, bass pedal, hi hat stand and cymbals, and I would just use the house kit.

The house kit was a bit of a challenge. It may have been a "CB Percussion" kit, and had clearly had a very hard life. The heads were muffled with tape and cratered like the surface of the moon. The bass drum doubled as a linen storage cupboard. I decided to set up the kit as a 1 up 1 down, in the interests of speed, plus the fact that the tom mounts didn't seem capable of supporting more than one tom.

The bass drum spurs extended out of the bass drum, or had done so at some stage. My bass drum pedal had the task of preventing side to side motion as well as fore and aft motion in addition to striking the drum head. One of the floor tom's legs was held in place with duct tape. There was no sign of a bass drum stool, so I took a seat from the floor area, a sort of upholstered cube, and made do with that.

And I had an absolute blast. We played as well as we ever have (despite my occasional fluffed fill caused by my not adapting my fills correctly to the 1 tom deficit). I know that 99.99999% of audience members don't hear drum tone, and I like being able to just get on and play any kit.

Usually I have 2 crashes, a ride cymbal and a splash. But there wasn't space for any of that, so I went back to basics, with a single crash and a ride. Just like most audience members don't hear drum tone, cymbals all go pishhhh, except for sometimes when they go ping.

The stage was tiny, the two guitarists were in danger of wobbly light rigs landing on them, the bass player was in danger of being sliced by my crash cymbal. Nobody had more than a postage stamp's area to stand in, and we killed it! We had excellent audience reaction to pretty much everything we played (from a very 80's biased set list).

Here's to getting out and having fun!


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That’s the way to do it. Bet you guys played at half the volume too. Back line kits are always fun. Most everything I’ve come across has been the same. I did however luck out onece with a mint DW Collectors series tuned and mic’d properly. Too bad too, mid way through our set, the sky opened up with a violent rain and the audience scrambled! We must have sounded horrendous! LOL!!!


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See you don't need a beater kit after all-just think of all the fun you'd have missed if you had the back up beater kit in your vehicle.