Gig etiquette pet peeves!


Matt Bo Eder

Played another gig tonight at our local Irish pub, and musically, the band is sounding really good. One of the highlights for me tonight was playing Bun E Carlos' solo on "Ain't that a shame" pretty much note-for-note and the crowd dug the whole tune - we closed the night out with it. Lots of drunken compliments, but the night irked me in two ways:

Venue owners really need to make sure their AC is working. Here we are by the beach, and inside it's like 90-degrees! Put me behind a drumset in the corner on a stage, and I'm in the hottest part of the room. No air is getting to me at all. Ugh.

Second irk: This place has two bands playing, we're the first and the second band gets an hour to set-up after we stop. Usually when I see a full stage, and I'm on next, I'll just wait outside until the stage is clear, THEN move in. Not tonight. This incoming band felt the need to get their stuff inside the room, and have it just off the stage so they could set-up.

Good God Man! Now we couldn't get off the stage without a considerable amount of maneuvering, and it actually took us longer to clear the stage! Then people start approaching me to ask if I need help like it's my fault we're still there. I had to just stop everyone and say "Back off - we got it". When strangers start picking stuff up and moving it for you is when things get damaged and/or lost/stolen. What a wonderful way to end the gig. I'd like to thank that moronic band who came in after us. Get your $%&# together!

Sorry. I feel much better now.


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Ugh, been there before. Thoughtlessness and disrespect are pet peeves of mine as well. Actually, not "pet" peeves, just peeves. ;-)