gifts for drummers


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its my drum teacher's birthday in 6 weeks... he also teachers performance class for my year group, and we're currently in advanced diploma, which is our final year.

i'm thinking of getting the group of us (10) to buy a gift for him, however i have no idea what to get! i've thought of snare drums, but he's told me he has 10+ snare drums, and they're a bit more personal i think. so then i got to thinking about getting him a nice big crash cymbal he doesn't have, either a 19 or a 20... i know he loves zildjian A custom and Armands, but i don't think i've seen him with any K or K customs - maybe he has a set of those for his jazz band but for his blues rock band i havn't seen.

so now i'm thinking of getting him a 19" k custom hybrid crash... but another idea has popped up into mind - buying him a full set of new skins, both top and bottom heads and new snare wires...

i'm sure any one of these gifts would leave him very happy, but i'm also open to suggestions...

between the 10 of us, i'm thinking of getting around $30 to $40 from each of us, so that's a total of anywhere between $250~$400 (depending if everyone wants to chip in). i'd be happy to pay an extra $100 difference though.

p.s. i think alcohol's a little bit too generic... he goes through 10+ beers every time he plays a gig and i think he's on a bit of a break from drinking. oh also he has a baby due sometime soon in the next few months


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i think he's okay for when it comes to cases and stuff... he's been playing and organising gigs for over 20 yrs.....


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Maybe think outside the box a little, just because he's a drummer doesn't mean you can only buy him a drum related present and if he's doing it for a living probably has pretty much most of the gear he needs.
See if you can find out what other hobbies he has apart from drumming and drinking, if he's about to have a baby, how about something baby oreintated. It may seem really boring to someone who doesn't have kids but it's going to a constant drain of money for months to come and you could get something really needed that he may not have spare cash for ?????
Really nice thought of you to all club together, whatever you get I'm sure he'll really appreciate it !!!!!!


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I think the crash would be a little bit personal too.

Some skins and wires would be a good idea though. You should probably get newer ones to assure that he hasn't played with them before. Maybe the new Evans Power dot heads or maybe some vintage ambassador's or emperors.


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I wouldn't buy drum gear for him. He probably has everything he needs or at least knows what he wants. I would think about drum related art (sculpture, wall hanging, etc) for his house or some other drum related items. Gear needs to be picked out by the user, IMO. A gift certificate is another idea but it is a little impersonal.


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Give donation to a charity in his name for a cause he may think is worthy...?
That's great.
I'd buy him a Animal muppet to sit on the bass drum. Or a custom bass drum resonant head, like the Buddy Rich-styled shield thingys. :)


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A generic Gift card he could spend the way he wanted or one to a nice restaurant
That's what I was thinking. It also depends on how much you plan on spending. New heads or a cymbal can cost a lot of money. And as others mentioned, those are personal choices.