Gibraltar Ultra Adjust HiHat Stand


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I just picked up the Ultra Adjust HiHat Stand from Gibraltar. I set it up and played for a few hours on it.

I think I'm sold on it. The pedal is big, and it feels just as fast as my previous HiHat stand. Obiviously it allows you two "joints" to manipulate your Hats to the perfect spot.

Biggest draw back is the the Tripod base. I think they needed three legs because if you extend the arm out, the stand tends to wobble and becomes unstable. I remedied this by using a zip tie to secure it to my rack. Also, the Tripod base intersected over my remote hihat pedal, so I had to change my three pedal set up on the left.

Main HiHat pedal, Remote HiHat pedal, and Slave bass pedal. All in all, I kind of like the change and feel of the new addition.

Please feel free to tell me your experience with this gear.



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I have owned 2 of these. One with legs and one not. The first with legs had a cable give out. That is a popular problem. After almost a year Musician's Friend hooked me up by giving me a new legless unit as compensation. (Wouldn't give full price after that much time). But that worked great because I bought Gibraltars excellent articulating arm and mounted the unit exactly where I wanted it. At 6'7" and liking my kick and hat pedals further away but drums, cymbals and hats close the Ultra and it's mounting flexibility with no feet worked like a champ. (I use toms on stands not bass mount too).

Another cool thing about the Ultra is you can tilt the cymbals a bit. This lets you have the hats higher up but can still get to the flat parts easy. (I compensate by putting a shim under the opposite edge of the bottom hat)

Now if I had it to do all over what would I do? Well the cable thing is a problem. (However I did notice in the new unit the strain relief is much better. So all might be well now). I would look in to a remote hat situation with the same Gibraltar arm or maybe the Speedy Hi Hat


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Thanks for the heads up man. I didn't know Gibraltar made one that is legless. I kind of stumbled across this one at the local music store, so it was an impulse buy.

I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I don't gig. Maybe the cable will hold up, but again thanks for the input.


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I know that this thread is pretty old, but I recently checked out this stand so I could try a new gear based solution to not crossing my hands. I think that the adjustment possibilities are wonderful. Unfortunately, the action is horrible. It's sluggish, heavy and non responsive.

I wrote in much more detail about it here:

The gist of the review is that it's a clunker. I wish it weren't so.

Just my opinion….it sounds like the pedal works for some of you. I'm glad that is the case, but I disagree… definitely does not work for me.


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I was about to pull the trigger on one of these today. Thanks for the review. I figured it was a tough pull because of the severe degree of bend on the cable.