Gibraltar SC-4421D Hi-Hat Clutch


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Hello there People :)

Last monday i bought this hi-hat clutch for mi hi-hats. Good looking :D

the problem is when i have to put it, i have practically no idea on how to do it.. i forgot how the guy at the shop told me to do it so i am going crazy on trying to put it but no idea. Does anyone have it?? could someone post a picture so i can have an idea on how it works please??

i might sound stupid asking this question but seriously i am having problems on putting it on the hi-hats.

Thanks in advice :)


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First, place the bottom hi hat on the hi hat stand. Then place the top hi hat on the clutch as shown below.
that is it...nothing to it, there are two felts on the piece shown so put one felt on either side of the top hat and scew the bottom piece on and then down the clutch...piece of cake...

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hmm i see what you mean.. :S ill try it out on monday and make you know.. thanks :D ill still look for any picture to see it exactly :D