Gibraltar Docking Station


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When this first came out, I dismissed it as a massive and over-engineered piece of hardware that wasn't as flexible as having individual stands. However, after seeing some of the videos I can see where this would offer a nice clean and compact set-up if using a single rack tom and no more than 2 or 3 cymbals. They make a case of it so not being able to throw it in a traditional hardware bag wouldn't be an issue for me as long as the bag can hold the other mounting components.


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Looks like a couple inches clearance it might hold a 24 in bass ?? or take a blow torch and cut sn inch off inside circumference LOL


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I dig the stealth setups. I’ve been eyeing something for my 5 piece by Gibraltar.
first I’ve seen of this setup...
... nice.


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the only thing i want gibraltar to bring back is their gooseneck ipod mount that attaches to cymbal stands/mounts, been hunting for one for ages but refused to pay nearly £70 one shop was asking for one (when they were less than that brand new)