Gibraltar Curved Rack Systems


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Does anyone know if the Gibraltar SCS150C Curved Side Rack Extension will attach to the Gibraltar GCS500H Height Adjustable Curved Rack?


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It should be able to attach anywhere on the large diameter portions of the pipe using a normal right angle clamp. I don't think a right angle clamp can tighten enough to attach on the thinner (adjusting) portions. It appears there's enough space at the top of the vert pipe to fit the crosspiece clamp and the extension clamp. (Disclaimer: I don't own the height adjustable rack, but I have owned Gibraltar rack products for over 30 years.)


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If the height adjustable rack has a 1.5" vertical tube, yes it will. If it's a smaller diameter tube you could still do it with a multi clamp.

Pics would be helpful to see specifically what you are asking about, because I know I'm not familiar with model numbers.