Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne


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I have been an extremely satisfied Gibraltar hardware customer for years. I have almost all Gibraltar Hardware for my entire set, as well as one of their racks. So I figured I'd try this throne. After having it for a few weeks now, I can't believe I waited so long to get a new one. This one is super rock solid built. Very sturdy, and extremely comfortable. Adjusts pretty easily, but once adjusted, it will never let you down by moving or readjusting. It not only has a regular tightening knob, but also a seperate additional locking mechanism that you can hand tighten with your drum key (same one you would use to tighten the drum heads, hardware, etc). This throne does not wobble, tip, or let you down even under the hardest playing experiences. Whether you a hard rock or metal guy who needs a super strong throne so you can give it all your weight so your legs can give your double bass drum pedals a work out, or you are a jazz muscian that just needs a comfortable balanced seat


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What a coincidence. Yesterday I was browsing in a Savers store as my wife did her usual perusal of every garment in the store. From across the store I spied what looked like a heavy duty camera tripod, but it turned out to be the pristine base for the stand you have pictured. Looked like new except that the seat assembly was missing. I could not pass it up for $7.50. Once home, I browsed thru my drum part collection and found the perfect sized seat bracket. So I used some 3/4" void free plywood to shape a motorcycle-styled seat base and bought some 4" high-density seat foam. I already have a good collection of automotive grade real leather upholstery, so I picked out a couple of attractive pieces of leather in light and dark colors. I'll shape the foam then sew up a nice contoured cover with red stitching and have a nice extra throne. Glad to hear you report that the base is so sturdy.



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I have one with the round top and its great. I set the height over a year ago and its never moved or rattled, Its a piece of kit I dont need to think about.