Giant Beat Question


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I recently acquired a very gently used Giant Beat 20" Multi reissue. I played it for the first time at band rehearsal last night. When this particular cymbal is crashed, a very high pitched overtone develops in its decay. By high pitched I mean a frequency that is on par with microphone feedback. The rest of my band noticed it right away. At first we thought the cymbal was setting off one of the vocal mics, so we hit the music-break button on the mixer, and when played the overtone was still there. I tried different means of mounting it, another cymbal stand and even balanced it on my thumb. Same result in sound.

Is this a normal trait with Giant Beats or did I get a lemon?




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maybe there's a hairline crack in it or something?

My 20" Giant beat sounds gorgeous

something's wrong if there is anything but beautiful tones coming out


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I concur - the 20" I used to have sounded great... can you post a clip of the sound you're referring to?


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Inspect your new cymbal really well. Magnifying glass? it sounds like it may be a crack. Cracked cymbals produce strange 'after-sounds...that sustain during decay.
Also, did you try mounting it on a different cymbal stand, or with different felts or anything?


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Run a very soft cloth over the surface. If it catches anywhere, there's a hairline crack. Otherwise, you have a cymbal happens to be made incorrectly. Call Paiste about it, and look into replacements or buying a new one.


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I've heard several up close....including my own. I've heard many more recorded either on tracks or on vids. To my ear there is more consistency between like Paiste cymbals than many other brands. I'm yet to hear a Giant Beat with horrible high end overtones. If you're not hearing that majestical swell and full wash predominant across the midtones, then I'd see what can be done to get me one that does. The sound you describe has certainly not been a factor in any GB cymbal I've experienced.