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Hi guys, I'm new here. I am making my press kit and just have a question about how drummers get featured in drumming publications. I live in a country with strict laws and music is not a priority, so I won't ever get a chance to be noticed unless I am a superstar and its the same for my band too. We are very popular, but nobody wants to talk about us in the media (because our music is illegal in the country). How can I get more press?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Thanks guys
So, your music is illegal in your country, but you want to call attention to it by publicizing your law-breaking?

I think your best bet is YouTube. Title everything "Music so rockin', it's illegal."

Another good option might be to present a series of concerts on Facebook Live. Call it the "Jailbreak Tour."

Good luck.


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I'm not sure how you can be popular and illegal at the same time when it comes to music. All I can think of is you are distributing your music on the black market and never heard otherwise. If so, the only media attention you should be getting is the one that reports your dissaperaence. That had better be a voluntary one too.
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Normally, a music magazine seeks the people they want to feature, but your situation could be an interesting topic, and you might want to contact the publications & sites in question. But as Infamous Beater pointed out, why would you call attention to your illegal type of music?

A better angle would be to bring that info - and the problems that arise - to a more general music publication, but you wouldn't be able to give away any specific info about yourself, so that's not going to help your career.

Good luck, it sounds like you're in a difficult spot.



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Actually, you guys are right. My thoughts were to be able to show the world what we are doing, because right now it is very difficult to get any shows outside of the country, but if the police find out we can be in a lot of trouble. I didn't think this through enough. I guess we have to leave the country if we want to continue our dream :(.

Thank you for the help guys.


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What is it about your music that is illegal? Are they protest songs, or something like that? Or is music highly regulated?

I'd have to agree with the others; why publicize that you are doing something illegal? Not many drug dealers are going to take out ads in the newspaper, because if you are doing something illegal you probably want to keep it hidden.

If you want to tour outside of the country, you could always move to another country and tour from there, while keeping your traditions and influences. You see this in the US and Europe, where foreign bands that are deemed politically sensitive in their home countries, set up their operations abroad, in order to spread their music over the world.
From what you're saying, this sounds a lot like what some of the guys in my band have been through coming from Iran, so I would echo what some others on here have mentioned; Find a place that's a bit more music-friendly, if that really is your dream.

You don't even need to go very far! I'm getting the impression that you are based somewhere in the Middle east (please forgive me if you aren't!), and if you are, Lebanon, Jordan and the UAE are good places to start in my opinion. Some places are a bit more stable than others, but for the most part, they're all relatively safe depending on where you are. Heck if you're ever in Dubai, give me a shout!

Having grown up here, I feel your pain! Any "Rock" music was deemed blasphemous and therefore illegal only 15 years ago! It was definitely a struggle back then. It has gotten a lot better now, but we're a long way from the drum publications ringing up anyone out here! At least we're fortunate enough to be able to do it a lot more freely and have better opportunities. Wish I could be of more assistance, but all I can do is wish you the best!

Good luck!


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Illegal and music don't belong in the same sentence. I can't believe how incredibly backwards some parts of the world are. Like I can't believe I am from the same species as people who try and regulate music. Really?

Dude, move outta there. There are better places to hang your hat. Get the hell out.
You would be surprised as to how many metal heads there are from the Middle East.
Absolutely! Metal music has arguably the most loyal and passionate following in this region in my opinion. I grew up in the metal scene in Dubai, so it wasn't news to me at all, but the biggest surprise was when I played a show with a Grindcore band from Saudi on the bill. Who would've thought?