Getting my Roland SPD SX today! I need samples!


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Hey folks!

Yes, I am acquiring a Roland SPD SX today! I've been doing research (on here and other parts of the internet) on how and were to get samples for music. To start, I'm wanting to find samples that a lot of top 40 country folks use. Here's what I've found so far:

1. Downloading a song onto a DAW and trying to cut out a "clean" sample from somewhere in the song.
2. Downloading Roland's free expansion pack
3. It looks like there's some samples available from, but I don't know which library to download (I know these aren't free, but that's ok).

Any other suggestions?


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Finding isolated samples from songs can be tough - the tube does sometimes have them and believe it or not, I have managed to find some usable ones on karaoke sites. I also play some parts on keys myself,or if it's beyond me,reach out to local(better) keys players for help. Percussion sounds I have taken from Iwantthatsound ( or similar ) but have also just recorded them at home with an sm57 straight in. They are not 'perfect' but for my pub band covers they are good enough. Thats the beauty of the spds-x.... now if I could just get the damn thing to switch on everytime.......:rolleyes:


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Update: Once I registered the spd sx, Roland sent me a link to download three very large folders full of samples. I downloaded the first folder, and it was so big, I had to leave my computer running last night just for it to download.


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I'd appreciate hearing your opinion of the Roland sample expansion pack once you get your SPD SX up and running.
I did a lot of work on the Roland this past weekend. First, I did get the expansion pack to work. I got it downloaded onto my computer. Just a word to the wise...the CD that comes with the SPD SX only goes through Windows 7, so anyone with Windows 10 will need to go to the website and download the Wave Manager.

After a few hiccups, I FINALLY got one of the folders from the 10,000 free NOIIZ samples downloaded. It has to open with a specific wave editor, so I downloaded it. It needs an access key, so I entered the one I got from Roland, and it said that it is either the wrong key number or its already in use on another computer. After spending a half a day trying to get all of this to work, I said "Forget it" and I decided for now just to use the factory sounds that came on board in addition to the expansion pack. I also downloaded Reaper, and I'm borrowing from sounds from videos and music I'm finding online. In Reaper, I can use any sample off the Roland (or other places), EQ it and add effects as needed.

I think it's really going to work out well.