Getting my appendix taken out


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I am having my appendix taken out on Aug 31st...laporoscopy if they can do it otherwise a
large cut. Either way there are lifting limitations (like 20 lbs for 1st six week with laporoscopy)
but I'm wondering if I get someone else to lift/move/haul my drums how soon I might be able
to play gigs again? Has anyone had this done, how long before you played drums again and
how old were you when it was done. I'm in my 60's and realize healing takes longer the older
you get. Thanks in advance! (hating to miss any gigs)


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It happened to me when I was 40. I was in the hospital 5 days [complications], and then I think I was up and around after about a week or so. I think I took a month off from weekly band practice altogether.
Best of luck to you. Eat healthy before and during recuperation and you should get better faster.


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Even if you were physically able, you won't feel like playing for a couple weeks. Most soreness will be gone after a week, but any surgery really wears you down physically. Given that, I don't think it will be a matter of how long should you sit out, and more of how long before you feel like playing. I would question the doctor about it before any drumming.


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It's going to take time.My surgeon told me not to even drive for a couple of weeks after my hernia surgery.You don't want to tear any stiches,internal or external.Laproscopic surgery is a lot less painful.Just take your time,and listen to the post op instructions,and heal properly.

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Ask the doctor if you can sit for hours at a time.. And tell him about the work of the bass drum foot and see what he says. He will be your best source.