Getting Hi Hats to Sit flat on top of each other - how?


Hey. For some reason I can't get my hi hats to sit completely flat on top of one another...there is always a bit of the bottom hat poking a bit further out than the top hat....Now I know sure as hell this isn't good for my sticks because they splinter down pretty fast due to this...but I doubt it's any good for the cymbal either...I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem?
I guess my two ideas about the cause of this are
- The Hi Hat clutch (And/or foams)
- The hi hat stand itself (i'm using a pearl H-72W stand I believe)

Anyone know which it might be? Thanks


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Whenever I get this issue I just monkey with my bottom cymbal tilter until it's minimized (it doesn't ever go away completely).

I would start there.


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Messing with the cymbal tilter will minimize the damage caused to your sticks, but nowhere near as much as playing the hats with the tip of your stick will. Plus, you get a much better sound out of your hats...


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I always set my tilter up a bit and my hats never match up. It has never been a problem for me. I play both the edge and the bow of my hats and everything in between.
I don't shred sticks either. They slowly get dented on the sides and they wear out after a long period of time. I have never damaged a hat cymbal from playing either.


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I have my bottom hat tilted slighty up towards me. This seems to stop the bottom hat sliding out. If you're chewing out a lot of your sticks you might want to look at how you're playing you hats as well, having your stick on too much of angle when you strike them isn't good for your hats or your sticks.


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You don't want them exactly lined up because the the air pocket between them. Hi hats should slide around to an extent. So many people think they should be rigid which leads to over-tightening the clutch which leads to cracked cymbals and other problems.