Getting fired from the band


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Seriously, you weren't fired - you were set free! Time to fly! You're going to crush it.
wahahah thanks. Yes agree. You know, it's mostly the mental torture that I feel I'm the one that did it wrong. I perfectly know tey dumped me and they didn't play it clean, but for some reason still try to go around myself and find that weak spot of mine. ahhhh....

Bo Eder

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I'm not entirely sure how they made money honestly. I was never paid and I often complained about that, also because they didn't let me see the band's account neither to see any proper report. Honestly saving a lot of money right now lol. I'm tired of unpaid gigs.
It's tough out there. So I'm grateful for the things I get to do and actually get paid for it. Sometimes you have to play for free just to let everybody know you're available to play - so you invest a lot of time in hanging out with others with no guarantee that anything will ever work out. But if you've got enough money for some business cards to hand out, at least you're making the effort, right?