Getting auditions?


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Just curious, where do you guys get most of your auditions for good bands/gigs? Is it through networking, socializing at shows, online, or somewhere else?


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Find where bands post listing looking for musicians.

Craiglist is the easiest one, but can also be the most frustrating because anyone can post there, serious or not.

Pre-internet, it was all about local music magazines.

There is a site called Musician Contact Service. You have to pay to join, but because it is a pay site, ads tend to be much more serious than what's on Craigslist.

Of course, nothing beats world of mouth.


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Open mics if you have some near you that do the kind of music you like. I met everyone I know at open mics. You play, people see you, you get asked to do stuff.


I've never played in a band or had an audition, but I could guess that considering millions of other guys in the world want to be professional drummers that make enough money to sustain a living, you really have to be good and stand out, both.


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Networking is everything. Go out and find the best bands in your area and give them your card should they ever need a fill-in. Also, try to sit in as much as possible with groups that are open to having sit-ins. Don't be that guy that begs and says he is a drummer and wants to show off to the girlies. Make sure you nail the gigs you get and don't give yourself a bad rep.


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Every audition I've gotten has been through craigslist. I don't really talk to others at music shops or shows, so this is the only way I really meet other musicians. Or I meet them through friends.