Getting a new crash, which will mix better?


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I'm getting a new crash this week but I won't be there so I can't bring in my other cymbals to see what mixes well. I think I'll either get a 16" K custom hybrid crash or a 16" A custom crash. Which one do you think will mix the best with an 18" K medium-thin dark crash?

Thanks in advance


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I think K mixes better with K because of the whole dark/bright thing that they do...

But you should never buy cymbals without hearing them IRL...


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Just to buck the trend I'm going to say A Custom. For some reason they work beautifully with K thins and medium thins.


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I have both the 16" and 18" A Custom crashes as well as an 18" K Dark Med-Thin and I think they all sound great together. My main pair of A customs get used the most for my style of playing. However, I like the option of having the darker K to use for certain songs or feelings in combination with the A Customs. The K also sounds great as a ride as well!