George Way in action!!!


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So I have added a bunch of videos to my youtube channel since receiving my George Way "Elkhart" Snare. I am pretty impressed with the sound quality and although its is nowhere near the sound of my drums live. (before the "man you drums sound like sh*t...comments come in)...The following videos include a "tour" of my kit....a cover of John Mayer "No Such Thing"...a couple of solo grooves and the last one is me playing to my bands song "Rain"...on that one I actually recorded the video with the music playing, and then overdubbed the studio recording on-top of the video (matched it up perfectly I might add) the music real music and the drums are blended...because of that you will notice one or two cymbal and splash hits in the music that you don't see me hit...but all in all I think it came out pretty rad....

I welcome any constructive criticism...enjoy

Kit tour

John Mayer Cover

"Rain" Original cover

Sound Check Drum Groove