George Kollias here...

George Kollias

Hey everyone,
i have 3 clips to share with you:

First is my new DVD trailer which i am REALLY-REALLY excited!!!!!!!!!
It's coming out in 3 weeks from Hudson Music and it's got A LOT of stuff to help your drumming!
Intense Metal Drumming II TRAILER!

Second is one of the latest songs from my project, i play all guitars/bass/keys etc in there too and have a lot of fun!!! Hope you like it (this is also from my new DVD):
George Kollias - The Passage

The last one is a funk song we played with a few friends from Greece, some of the best musicians i know! We had some of the best time ever!
This song is written by Asterios Papastamatakis, featuring Dimitris Tsakas, Antonis Andreou and Mike Papadopoulos.
Papastamatakis / Kollias - Burn Out

Hope you guys like these, thanks for your support!!!!!!!



I'm from New Zealand and I have been following your work for a long time, I think your at the peak of top metal drummers ever. You have been a huge inspiration to me and countless others and my set-up is even influenced by yours.

Anyway, enough of the cheese, I've just put a small funk group together (group of 18 year olds) and we are looking for quite challenging music to play. I suggested to them the song that your friend Asterios Papastamatakis wrote, Burn Out. You posted it on Youtube at the end of June this year and I showed it to the other band members and they LOVE it. We would be honoured to play this masterpiece if only we could find the music for it...

That's were you come in.

I was wondering if you had the song charts, and could we get a copy of them. It's a brilliant piece of music and asking you is the only way I can think of to getting the music and learning it.

So could you help a young band out?
- Alex


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I'm pretty sure we're coming there with Kreator and Morbid Angel in Oct.-Nov.
DO NOT MISS IT, this will be a BLAST!!!!! I'm actually so looking forward for that tour!!!!!!

Thanks for your kind words brother!

If that goes ahead, I am so there! Can't wait!

Going to pick up a copy of your new DVD too. From the clips I've seen it's look incredible!

Keep rocking dude!


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Hi George,
just wanted to tell you that haven't even finished watching the 1st DVD of your new 2-DVD tutorial yet, I'm deeply impressed already. This one is really nicely structured - like your previous tutorial. The visual quality and overall appearance is a notch up compared to your 1st tutorial - which was decent anyway.

Thank you for taking the time making this one.
Double bass @ 300 bpm... crazy!!

I don't remember whether you've been using traditional grip on your 1st tutorial, too, but it was nice to see you play trad grip in your new one.

What I also like about your DVD - this also relates to your 1st tutorial - is that it's not only for extreme drummers but I think every drummer can/will benefit from it.

Also extremely cool to have that jazz/fusion performance at the end of the 1st DVD (your new tutorial), haha. It's a really nice and welcome variation from all the stuff discussed prior to that. Will check out the 2nd DVD...
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George, when will your new signature pedals be available?
What are the differences, do the new pedals feel that much better?
Do they work with various beaters or did you identify that specific beaters give you 'that' feel you want/need?

(Also, sorry if that spam post made it... I deleted it within minutes but maybe you got a notification... sorry man. You don't need fake documents, to you? haha)

Jeff Almeyda

Senior Consultant

I have both of your videos and I have recently begun working on increasing my top speed of 210-220. I play more thrash/speed metal than death but who doesn't want more speed? Your practice techniques have helped me enormously.

I especially want to thank you for having the honesty and courage to "disagree" with the common practice of isolating your left foot in order to increase speed. If anyone except you (or some of the very few at your level) said that, they would be flamed from one end of this forum to the other.

I play double pedal on a single bass drum. How does that affect you when you try to reach speeds above 240, compared to two kicks? I know many engineers don't like it because of the muddiness and rumble but how about playability on a drum that is not tightly packed and triggered?

Thanks so much.


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George has some new awesome stuff coming...

The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming - 3 books with various difficulty levels.
The first book will be available in Jan. 2014.

More info from his facebook page

- - - - -
First of 3 Books is ready and it's absolutely killer!!!!!
I can't wait till i get into details for you guys, let me give you just a brief idea for now:

-3 Books, each one for a different level of Drummers!
-The most "into the point" book about double bass drumming!
-A great tool for Students AND Teachers!
-Play along songs written for each Level!!!

Pre-orders for "PART I:THE BEGINNING" are on and the first copies will be also hand signed

We worked hard to make the BIBLE of Double Bass Drumming, something that will actually take you on the next level and i am VERY proud we did it!!!!!!!!!


Big Thanks to Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez for his major help with the concept!
- - - - -


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Thanks Arky. Just did the pre-order. Gives me something to look forward to in gloomy January.


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This guy is amazing, only just found his website today, my cousin plays in a very similar style so I'll have to ask him if he's heard of George Kollias.

He's got a new album coming out June 2015 as well so looks like he's still going strong!

Loving the fact he even puts free lessons on his site to show how to do some of techniques. Will definitely be spending some time trying to pick up a few neat tricks.
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