General Discussion = Tab request thread? o.O


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I have noticed over the past several weeks there has been an increase in people coming into the General Discussion thread and asking for people to Tab things for them.

While I have no problem assisting anyone in getting a part to a song down-pat. Please do not expect the members of the Drummer World forums to take time from thier personal lives to do something you are too lazy to do yourself.

Now, if you have honestly tried to write the tab but have become stuck somewhere that is different. You have put some effort into it and need help, just like all of us do at times. So explain what you have got, where you are stuck, and try to either post a sound clip or guide the people to the particular section of a song easily obtained by the masses. (i.e. What does Dana Carey do between 3:15 and 3:26 in the Tool song Vicarious from the album 10,000 days? that works. this does not: at like the middle part of the 4th song from Steve Gadd's 2nd album in the 70's, whats he doing? the later would need a sound clip)

I am only writing this because, like I said earlier, there appears to have been an increase in people saying 'omg i have a (competition/performance/show/test) in 5 weeks, can you tab this for me', and then are surprised when the first answers are 'why can't you do this yourself?'. now this isn't aimed at anyone in particular, so any of the members who have posted referenced threads please don't take this as a personal attack of any kind. rather than type this in every post i'm putting it up seperately in hopes that people will read this before asking the members here to spend their personal time because said individuals time is too precious to spend tabbing.

the old saying, maybe it's a proverb, goes "help those who help themselves", which i assure you any member of the DW forums would be more than happy to follow and assist.

in summary, please only ask for tabs if you are stuck. not if you just don't want to do it yourself. I also recommend turning those tabs into actual musical writings that would be much more beneficial to the drumming world as a whole, but that requires significantly more effort. thank you! and have a wonderful day!