Gene Krupa


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My dad met Gene Krupa years ago. My father played the trumpet and loved the big band stuff. He was so taken buy Gene that he named my older brother after the man. I ended up staying with the drums and I am named after Glen Cambell. :(
This ^^^^^ is SERIOUSLY FUNNY! "I ended up staying with the drums and I am named after Glen Campbell. :( " The "frown face" just makes it...

Anyway... I believe "Sing Sing Sing" had more to do with me taking up drumming than even Ringo did. Just an unbelievably fantastic composition from any standpoint. The feel and dynamics if the drumming should be studied by anyone playing in any generation...

Compliments and respect to Gene Krupa for sure...


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For sure, Gene Krupa is one that I attempt to mimic the most. I love playing big band. Buddy is Buddy and all, but Krupa makes it seem fun. My last university jazz band concert the director gave all the seniors an extended solo. I really pulled back back on the complexity and focused instead on on dynamics and playing with the crowd like Krupa seemed to do. Even got the crowd to laugh a couple of times. It felt much more rewarding to play in that way than it does to show off speed and chops. Gene was a showman and the crowds loved him for it. I really wish I had been born early enough to see him play live.