Gear you wished existed...


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I always wanted to seea regular wood shell that's got a regular snare side snare bed cut on the bottom. It could be a free floater too. The batter edge of the shell is milled flat. It's grooved to accept a removeable bearing edge ring, that sticks up obviously, that can be made from wood, metal, fiberglass etc. Different profiles and BE widths, 30, 45, 60 degree edges, you get the picture.

I imagine the drum largely taking on the quality of whatever bearing edge ring is used. That's a total guess. I would want flat edges with a groove and ring on both sides of the tom shells. I could mix edges. It would definitely expand the tonal possibilities of just one set into many. Marketer's wet dream too. No more cutting bearing edges, I buy them.


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What is needed is a brightly lit, private walkway so that I can load in and load out without having to say “Excuse me“ a few dozen times just to get from my truck to the stage. And no more parking garages three blocks away for band members. I want my own dedicated parking slot, right next to the back door entrance ‘cuz I’m always first in, last out.
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Currently wishing there was a 5A timbale stick. More recently. I like the sound I get from playing with the stick "upside down" but holding the tapered end can be precarious sometimes. Wish there was a timbale type stick with a 5A diameter. All the ones I've seen are real thin


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Here's another simple one:

A "variety pack" of pedal springs. All of the aftermarket springs available all seem to be about the same size and tension. I wish someone would offer a variety of springs, long, short, tight and not so tight, so you can change up your feel. Also, some pedals stock springs just aren't great. I prefer a medium tight pedal, and sometimes I can't get the spring to go tight enough, even if it's maxed out (spring is too large). Other times, it's hard to find that sweet spot where it feels to loose and sloppy, but then just a tiny bit more tension makes it overly tight and stiff. I've had several pedals come to life after simply replacing the spring. Different pedal manufacturers have different tolerances as far as how far the cam (Top of the spring hooks onto) is away from the spring tension adjuster post/screw. Some springs just can't get you the feel you want. I would really like to see this happen.


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A "variety pack" of pedal springs.
This just gave me an idea.

Anyone remember Solo Flex? They used resistance bands instead of weights. There is a hole on either end that fits over a peg.

If we dumped the perch at the bottom and replaced it with a peg, one could easily change the tension in seconds by removing one band and installing another.

I'm not a fan of pedal springs. They are a pain to remove, even worse to install, and I need to hire a leprechaun to adjust them.


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I wished Zildjian made more bigger cymbals.
Like more 20"+ cymbals, especially 22" & 24"


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I've only been playing for a very short time now, but even still, there are two pieces of gear I wished existed:

1. Promark Natural 5As with an ACORN tip (I personally don't like the feel, sound or look of the teardrop shape)
Promark has launched a new line that will include these. Hopefully they'll be available soon!