Gear you wished existed...


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I would like to see:

1. voice commanded adjusting cymbal stand and tom holders. If I could just say "crash cymbal 1, move down 2 inches, rotate boom 42 degrees left and tilt cymbal 10 degrees....set"

2. the above cymbal stands would also weigh less than a pound each

3. would also love a throne that would radiate a constant 15'bubble of 55 degree temp with no humidity


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Regarding Yamaha, they should bring a beech kit back into their lineup in between the Tour Custom and Absolute Hybrids. Even if it's a North American species.


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Some adventurous colour choices from Yamaha for the Tour Customs. The current offerings are LAAAAMMMMEEEEE


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You'll regret that purchase as soon your singer tells the audience to "Get on the floor"...

well, at our gigs it would ne get int he that might be twice as scary...

Yeah, there would need to be a voice recognition feature to avoid that. Sounds like it might be cost prohibitive right quick.
"How much for that self adjusting, voice analyzing cymbal stand?" "$4500 USD plus tax"

yeah, it would be an on and off thing...

and the price would go down as it gained popularity...I am sure of it!! Remember when LCD flat screen tv's were around $5000?

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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A hot tent specifically designed for drummers on the go with a practice kit. :)

No Way Jose

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Cowbell mounts that don't cost more than a cowbell.

A backdrop light effects thing that can make the liquid overhead projector effect that I see on old Jefferson Airplane videos.

Old PIT Guy

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I wish there'd been better thrones back in the day and that if there were I wouldn't have been so dumb (cheap) not to have bought one.


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I’d like to have a kit that sets itself up, tears itself down and drives itself home...heck, might as well get it to play itself!! 😂 (y)

Sadly, they have a "drummer-in-a-box" that does just this. Studios love that guy as they don't have to pay him, feed him or listen to his crap.


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I kinda wish all shell packs had customizable sizes. You should be able to get 22/10/14 if you want it. Or 20/10/14. or 20/12/16 or 22/12/14
I wish 10/13/16 toms were a thing. I mean that's what I have right now, but it's a nice spread and would be good for shell packs I feel. Then i could buy prepackaged head sets instead of individual heads.