G'day from australia


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G'day from Adelaide AU
My name is Paul, I have been lurking for a while, but after being banned for thinking i was spam cause of my user name i thought i should introduce myself.
I mucked about wtih drums in my younger years for a while but , unfortunatley lost interest when i started working. Biggest mistake i ever made was giving up drums. Fast forward 30+ years , i married a beautiful woman & we have a young fella named Jack. so we bought him a kids kit to have a bash on. i got keen & bought a cheap ekit. Then seen an add on gumtree for drum gear a guy was selling. I wanted his drum throne, & made an offer.
That has snowballed into buying all his gear, so i now have a tama rokstar kit which is awesome with zildjian A custom cymbals. So much great stuff here. I enjoy trying to get better & hope Jack takes up the drums.
Happy drumming
Cheers & beers


"Uncle Larry"
Welcome mate. Glad you decided to make yourself known.

FWIW, as a dad, stepdad, and various other titles...nothing but nothing bonds adult and kids like music, drums especially. Everyone can hit things.

Catch you around.


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Hi, As a fellow Adelaide drummer welcome! There is another bloke from Adelaide on here as well.


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Welcome from yet another Adelaid-ean. Nice to hear from you.

And I agree, drumming and making music with your kids is wonderful.


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Welcome great forum, great people, great site. You have to filter through some crap and crazies (I’m not mentioning any names) but overall it’s great.


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Not an Aussie but love your country. I lived there for two years (Perth 1 year, 1 year in Adelaide). I don't think I've met a more outdoorsy, active and generally happy people.

Love your sporting culture too. AFL is awesome and once I got the hang of it, cricket was more fun than I realized. Especially playing it.

And man, for someone who grew up in upstate NY and went to college in Buffalo, the weather is just too perfect